Our forums have been led by ambassadors, counsels-general, international bankers, industry CFOs, and ordinary people who have made or intend to make a difference in the world. Our programs have included seminars on international trade with export mentors and country-specific information for new exporters. Whether a monthly discussion on economic, social or military issues, or a special multi-cultural conference in Washington, D.C., the World Affairs Council of Western Massachusetts truly offers global enlightenment to all our members.

In addition to our popular Brown Bag speaker luncheons, we also hold speaker events at local restaurants, dinners, panel discussions, and topical after-dinner meetings.

In 1988, one of our speakers commanded such an audience that we held the event at the downtown civic center. The guest was President Ronald Reagan. His topic was Soviet Union policy, and he spoke to us a few weeks prior to his historic fourth summit meeting with Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev in Moscow. The importance of that Springfield speech and Gorbachev’s reaction to it was cited in Colin Powell’s book, My American Journey(Random House, 1995).