Past Speakers and Topics

Mark Hambley Speaks on The Arab Spring One Year On in January 2012

Speakers and Topics
Many speakers from near and far have come to the Springfield area to share their opinions and ideas on a wide range of topics with our members.

Recent speakers have included:

Michael Klare

Mr. Ted Barber, President and Co-Founder of Prosperity Candle, on Investing In a New Narrative in Haiti:  Empowering Women Entrepreneurs (Instant Issues)

Dr. Michael T. Klare, Five College Professor of Peace & World Security Studies, The Race for What’s Left:  The Global Scramble for the World’s Last Resources (Instant Issues)

Mr. Ken R. Furst, President of the Momentum Group, Impressions of Afghanistan (Instant Issues)

Mr. Joseph Curran, Immigration Attorney at Curran Berger, on Immigration Policy in a Changing Economy (Instant Issues)

Mr. John Cain Carter, Founder & Executive Director, Aliança da Terra, on The Texas Chain Saw Stopper:  One Man’s Mission to Save the Amazon (Instant Issues)

Mohmmed Najeeb

Ms. Shemariah Blum-Evitts, and Mr. Mohammed Najeeb, Lutheran Social Services of New England, The Current Status of Refugee Arrivals in Western Massachusetts:  Our New Neighbors from the Middle East, Africa and Asia (Instant Issues)

Ambassador Mark Hambley, former US Ambassador to Lebanon and Qatar, on The Arab Spring One Year On: The Prospects for Positive Transition in the Broader Middle East (Instant Issues)

Anne Hung

Director-General Anne Hung of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office-Boston, Taiwan: Prospects for Peace and Prosperity in the New Centennial (Instant Issues)

Ron Neumann

Ambassador Ronald Neumann, former US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Afghanistan: Can we succeed? At what cost? 

Dr. Laura Reed, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts—Amherst, What Next for New START? (Instant Issues)

Deborah Saidy & Rachel Glick

Mr. Michael Breen,  Founding Co-director of The Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project, Iraqi Refugees: Responding to a Forgotten Crisis (Instant Issues)

Ms. Deborah Saidy,  Senior Advisor to the United  Nations World Food Programme, From Hunger to Hope  (Instant Issues)


Marco Werman & Martin Miller

Public radio and television journalist Marco Werman, Telling Stories Here From Out There